Peter Majercik
Veles Farming

Veles Farming


Veles Farming



Scope of Work

Research | Website Design | Branding



As a UX/UI designer at Veles Farming, a pioneering vertical farming start-up specializing in unique spices, my primary focus was on website design & content creation. Veles Farming's innovative growing techniques and commitment to excellence served as the foundation for my design work.

In this project, I had the privilege of crafting an impactful brand experience that showcased Veles Farming's distinct approach to spice farming. By carefully curating visual elements, typography, and color schemes, I created a cohesive brand identity that captured the essence of their innovation and dedication to quality.

Through intuitive user interfaces and compelling visual storytelling, I ensured that the brand experience resonated with their target audience, leaving a lasting impression and establishing Veles Farming as a leader in the industry.

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