Peter Majercik






Scope of Work

Art Direction | UX/UI Design


The Hague

Artsybition is an online platform that empowers artists to showcase their works in fully customizable, digital spatial environments. Throughout this project, I followed the Design Thinking process, starting from the Empathize phase where I thoroughly researched the needs of users, all the way to the Implementation & Testing phase where I iteratively tried and refined solutions.

With a deep understanding of artists' aspirations and challenges, I crafted a user-centric design that seamlessly merged artistry & technology. The platform provides artists with the freedom to create their own unique exhibition spaces, enabling them to fully express their creativity and showcase their works in captivating digital environments.

By adhering to the Design Thinking process, I ensured that the final product not only met the needs & wants of artists but also provided an immersive and engaging experience for art enthusiasts and visitors.

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